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Client Testimonials

A selection of our client comments is shown below. See Candidate Views page.

“The pace was perfect, spoken at the right speed so I had enough time to digest the information yet fast enough to maintain interest and prevent my mind from wandering. The slides were clear and the courses contained really useful hints, put across clearly with good examples. I made a few notes for myself as I listened, which I intend to act on as a result of the courses.”

Denise Edens, Director of Education

"My team liked the materials and found applying them very straightforward. We considered several approaches and solutions before selecting this one and it has paid off for us not least by increasing the number of Sales conversions we are seeing."

Maria White, Internal Sales Director, EMEA

"E-learning has come of age; my people fit sales training into their schedules when it suits them with very little downtime from selling - it works for us!"

Derek O'Carroll, Head of Security Business Practice EMEA

"Our sales team really benefited a great deal from the online sales training and we coupled it with sales coaching to ensure that the messages were being correctly understood and applied"

Carl Thompson, Senior Account Manager

“They were quick to understand our sales training needs and delivered exactly what we wanted. We were impressed with the administration of accounts and the emails to sales managers that update them in real time.”

David White, HR Director

“We are highly satisfied with the partnership that we've developed. You have helped us to meet our sales training objectives and shown an interest in our business that is encouraging to see.”

Joe Edwards, Sales Director

"SalesTrainingOnline is excellent and delivery on the web is fantastic as our people can do the training when it suits them without having to come into the office or go to training centres. The fact that it saves selling time is the real bonus!"

Mark Cox, Sales Manager

"Our Sales went up 40% in the first Quarter our sales staff starting using SalesTrainingOnline. We have been delighted with the content and our people have benefited from the flexibility. We have saved numerous person-days by not having to send people away on courses and that has had a positive impact on our Sales numbers"

Richard Alberg, Chief Executive

"We believe this sales training initiative provides enables our entire sales force to operate more effectively. We recently embarked on an aggressive phase of organic growth, after a number of years growing principally through acquisition. The sales training has brought consistency for our sales people who have different sales backgrounds."

Fardad Gharebaghi, Managing Director

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the training whenever I wanted and am delighted with the Certification in Sales & Marketing I received from the ISMM . The course modules were a good length, fitting nicely into my lunch slot!"

Robert Fogel, Key Accounts Manager

"The sales training has really helped staff to regularly meet sales targets. We were delighted with the quality of the training so we rolled it out to our Software Engineers and Administrators as well. I would recommend the sales training to anyone and particularly to remotely based teams."

Dr Thomas Michel, HR Director- Europe

"We not only trained our sales people but also other customer facing staff. It is extremely important to us that soft skill training is viewed from a sales perspective. We're delighted with the feedback from our customer service people too."

Alan Craig, Sales Director

"I have just completed the 21 courses and I have to say, they really did surprise me. I didn’t think the courses would be anywhere near as good! I was sceptical about being put on the course, however I found every module relevant and extremely interesting. I would definitely recommend SalesTrainingOnline to anyone in Sales or anyone who is looking into Sales as a career. Thank you very much for taking the time to develop these courses, I’m sure they are helping many people like me!"

Gideon Foster, Account Manager

"I like to take a course before I see a customer, especially when I know what'll come up in the meeting, I have found this a great safety net for myself and my staff."

Roger Longshaw, Sales Manager

"The materials were excellent, just what I was looking for and they helped my students!" Dr Gerry Lemberg, Visiting Lecturer

Other Selected Comments:

"SalesTrainingOnline provide sales training solutions that are well thought out and derived from years of scar tissue earned while selling to Corporates for Corporates." Marcus Cauchi, Sandler Sales Institute

"I hadn't had any formal sales training before and although I found that I had been already doing much of the theory it helped me put a framework around it. As a result I have put much of this sales training into practice particularly in account management, selling benefits and building relationships" Dawn Charles, ASL Group

“We used the sales training right across Europe for all our sales teams. The materials reveal an excellent understanding of the subject. The training motivated hundreds of our sales staff right across Europe and I recommend it.” Joris Jonker, Vice President Sales

"Sales training that made sense to me from the beginning, I started using the techniques right away" Emily Wilson, Nutritionist

Other Selected Clients: