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Candidate Feedback and Comments

Candidates who have taken our courses or completed Qualifications in Sales and Marketing from the ISMM have been kind enough to provide us their comments about our Sales Training materials. We have listed a selection of their comments below to assist potential candidates with their evaluations. All comments are provided by bona fide candidates. If you have any further questions regarding our materials please Contact Us.

"I just completed the 21 courses and have to say, they really surprised me. I didn’t think the courses would be anywhere as good! I was sceptical about being put on the course; however I found every module relevant and extremely interesting. I would definitely recommend SalesTrainingOnline to anyone in Sales or anyone who is looking into Sales as a career. Thank you very much for taking the time to develop these courses, I’m sure they are helping many people like me!" Gideon Foster, Account Manager

"I found the course informative and inspiring. Having a non-sales background I thought that material was excellent and will give me the confidence and guidance to win more sales. The quality is excellent and gaining a certification is just a bonus, many thanks!" David M Betts, Chartered IT Professional

"I have just passed the 21 assessments and from my point of view, this course is absolutely extraordinary. I found it informative and the structure of each course is excellent with helpful hints and illustrative examples. Anyone who wants to be more than successful in sales will find the course provides them the necessary skills to achieve that goal. I highly recommend taking this course as it provides an exceptional opportunity to gain high quality knowledge as well as obtaining a Certification in Sales and Marketing." Jaroslav Sevcik, Nutrition Advisor and Supplements Sales Advisor

"Useful, interesting and very relevant. Great course that has equipped me with the knowledge, know how and most importantly the qualification that will show potential employers how serious I am about my pending career change. Thanks." Deborah Goldsworthy, Sales Jobseeker

"I found the online course had great content which will be very beneficial to me in my business. The support provided by SalesTrainingOnline was exceptional." Brenda Marr, Hypnotherapist and Senior Nurse

"I enjoyed the course and found the content and structure very interesting. The easy to study online package means that I was able to fit my study in around a very busy lifestyle and work commitments" Matt Sinden, Account Manager, FSS Security Limited

"Thank you very much for this very well organized and informative program, I have noted much of the advice, methodologies and techniques for my daily usages. It is very valuable training which I recommend to every sales professional aiming to master selling."
Khaled Massoud, Area Sales Manager, SOCOMEC, Dubai

"Absolutely Brilliant! Great modules for either learning for the 1st time or just a refresher, would highly recommend these courses and exams for anybody in sales, everything you need to know! The support staff are very helpful and has some fantastic advice and tips, overall i'd rate it 10/10. Thank you." Rachel Morris, Business Development Manager - Berystede Hotel and Spa, Ascot.

“Prior to undertaking Sales Training Online I had little to no relevant knowledge of sales principles and theory. I found the courses provided me with a detailed and specific understanding of the necessary principles pertaining to sales and sale related processes. Since the completion of this course I found my interaction with prospects to be devoid of stress, resulting in an increased success rate. I would recommend this course to anybody wishing to understand the theoretical methodology behind Sales and Marketing. It was very straightforward to take and delivers a great deal more than expected!" Nick Stanisavljevic, Business Development Manager

"I found the SalesTrainingOnline materials to be very clear and really interesting when I reviewed them for an international client. I will be recommending them." Antonella Grana, Owner - Aida Marketing&formazion

"Before taking the courses I saw myself as a confident sales person with the ability to open and close deals with ease. However taking the courses made me realise that what I was doing previously needed more structure. Now that I have a clearer understanding of sales principles it makes the whole selling process a lot easier to follow; I am no longer relying on instinct. I would recommend these courses to anyone in Sales or anybody looking to get into Sales, as they have helped me to close more sales." Ben Riall, Account Manager

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the training when I wanted and am delighted with the Certification in Sales & Marketing I received from the ISMM on completion. The courses were a good length, fitting nicely into my lunch slot!" Robert Fogel, Key Accounts Manager

"The pace was perfect, spoken at the right speed so I had enough time to digest the information yet fast enough to maintain interest and prevent my mind from wandering. The slides were clear and the courses contained really useful hints, put across clearly with good examples. I made notes as I listened, which I intend to act on as a result of the courses.” Denise Edens, Director of Education

"I have found the courses to be inspirational and experienced a lot of light bulb moments! I realise now that I had many Sales skills already that I hadn’t identified before, but through these courses I have been able to tweak them and fulfil my potential. I'm absolutely elated that I’ve passed all the tests and received my certification!" Angela Lewis, Account Manager

"I hadn't had any formal sales training before and although I found that I had been already doing much of the theory it helped me put a framework around it. As a result I have put much of this sales training into practice particularly in account management, selling benefits and building relationships." Dawn Charles, Trainer and Business Owner

"Fantastic course and brilliant content - very enjoyable experience and lots of good insights and practical applications." Eoin O'Brien, Partner

"The course was very useful to me and I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues and associates. I would also recommend you push your courses in the Gulf, as there is a real need for high quality e-learning here." Mark Hamill, Managing Director, Awards International UAE

"I really enjoyed the course, it was very interesting and knowledgeable." Grant Stevenson

"Well structured and informative course that covers a broad range of topics. I particularly enjoyed the aspects related to behaviours and the emphasis on buyers buying from you as an individual." Adam May, Sales Manager, Envirocare