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Technical Sales Skills

Technical Sales Skills are used when we are engaged directly with customers. This could be face-to-face, over the phone, contact through messaging or when emailing. These Technical skills are the very fabric of selling and having a sound knowledge of these is fundamental to succeeding in Sales.

The skills look at how to use process so that you know what to do from the very start of your interactions with people in sales situations. They cover the aspects of meeting people, qualifying their needs and seeing how and where your product or service is saleable to them. They also cover the need to manage your resources and time so that you can handle different types of sales effectively. A brief description of the courses covering these skills is shown below:

Title: The Importance of Commercial Awareness - Course Duration: 35 mins 16 secs

This course considers why it is important to understand the interactions that take place between buyers and sellers so that you are able to consciously and consistently understand how to control a sales situation. Everyone needs to appreciate that selling successfully follows written and unwritten rules, regardless of the size of customer you are engaged with. How you use your sales skills for managing these business interactions are critical to your sales success, from the very start of the process. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Learn how to use the psychology between buyers & sellers to your advantage and how to manage the opportunity successfully

  • Instinctively know that you are in a commercial situation

  • Understand how to ensure you control all sales situations from start to finish

  • Succeed in today's highly demanding customer-centric sales environments

  • Turn inherent buyer prejudices into advantages for yourself and your solution

  • Measure your personal contribution to each sale so that you are able to improve how you work and are able to increase your own efficiency on an on-going basis


Title: Positioning Features Advantages and Benefits - Course Duration: 40 mins 04 secs

This course looks at one of the most important aspects of selling and highlights how to avoid mistakes commonly made by most sales people when positioning their products and services. We will teach you a structured approach for extracting information and positioning your products and services. It will help you to quickly qualify customer requirements so that you know early on whether they are likely to buy from you, based on how well you present your solutions and ideas. See Sample Slide

 The course enables you to:

  • Understand the differences between Features, Advantages and Benefits so that you know which one is the golden egg for your products and services

  • Know exactly how to demonstrate what your products and services will do for your customers

  • Position the real value of your products and services to customers effectively

  • Create a compelling argument in the customer's mind so that they can see why to buy from you 

  • Be really effective in repeatedly selling your products and services to your customers

  • Qualify customer needs using the power of "The FAB model" so that you both have the same understanding of how your solution will help them meet their business objectives

Title: Targeting Buyers and building a Sales Pipeline - Course Duration: 37 mins 02 secs

This course focuses on having a clear understanding of the type of person or company you want to attract for your products and services. It highlights why your most precious resource is your time and that using it effectively, to find the right buyers, has a major bearing on your success. Given that new business takes six times longer to find, it is critical to ensure that you have an on-going sales pipeline that equates to your revenue targets and aspirations. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Use highly effective tried and trusted methods for building a healthy sales pipeline   

  • Target the right buyers to ensure you gain your fair share of business and don't waste time

  • Put pressure on competitors by creating an "unfair advantage" to win more deals than them

  • Examine how markets work so that you know what you need to do in building a sales pipeline 

  • Compete for and get your share of internal resources, which may already be stretched

  • Use the most valuable resource that you have (time) effectively, so that you spend it with people who are the most likely to buy from you
Title: Closing Sales in your timeframe - Course Duration: 31 mins 04 secs

This course explains how and where Closing fits into the overall Sales process. We show you how your time should be primarily focused on Building Relationships and Resourcing, as well as Closing Sales. We also highlight the differences between strategic and tactical selling and explain some of the techniques that are used in these two types of selling. The course also highlights a number of different Closing techniques & provides assistance in how to handle rejection when selling. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Learn why many people fail when attempting to close sales and why closing appears difficult
  • Choose the best way of closing sales for your product or service using different types of Close
  • Improve your sales performance by knowing how to manage customers when closing sales
  • Understand how your own sales skills and approach are your real advantage in closing sales
  • Learn accurate forecasting and how to use sales processes to define timescales for deals
  • Convert your sales expertise into real value, because even the best product won’t sell itself
Title: Effective Questioning Techniques - Course Duration: 30 mins 51 secs

This course will help you understand how to quickly and effectively extract the right information from customers in commercial situations. We show you how to ask both simple and complex questions effectively. Making assumptions can be dangerous and leaving things to chance usually catches us out when we are least expecting it. The course also looks at a number of generally accepted Questioning techniques, as well as how to verify what you have already heard, to ensure a correct understanding. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Know how to ask the right questions, in the right way, to quickly qualify sales opportunities

  • Learn how to lead people to tell you the whole truth, even at an inital meeting

  • Understand how to build trust so that people open up and share their business issues and pain

  • Be comfortable in asking customers difficult questions that do not offend them in any way 

  • Know all 6 types of questions so that you are able to probe and structure follow-up questions

  • Appreciate when to ask "open" or "closed" questions and how asking the right question at the right time has a major bearing on your ultimate success in Sales
Title: Discovering Customer Needs - Course Duration: 35 mins 57 secs

This course will help you to quickly understand whether a prospect or customer has the need for your product or service. Customers often express their needs by highlighting elements that are causing them “pain” in certain areas of their functions or business. Having your customers talk about this pain provides you the opportunity to assess how your ideas and solutions will assist them so that you are able to quickly position how you may help them to alleviate that pain. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to: 

  • Understand how to discover customer needs and why buyers express their needs as "pain”

  • Recognise the different types of buyer pain and know how to map your solution to win deals

  • Examine how and why different buyers express business needs in different ways  

  •  Understand the need framework, need hierarchies and the dependencies of needs

  • Know why needs and pain are inseparable in buyers' minds and how to use that to advantage

  • Qualify customer needs to determine how best to position your products and services so that they are a good fit in your buyer's mind and they are motivated to buy from you
Title: Selling Solutions to Customers - Course Duration: 28 mins 32 secs

This course considers the entire aspect of the term “Solution”. We look at what a solution is, why we should sell solutions and how to assemble a solution. Customers are generally not interested in features and why you may think your product is ideal unless you can clearly show them how, what you are selling helps them achieve their business objectives. We also consider how to get around “roadblocks” to solutions and where that leads us once we have done it successfully. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Understand why selling solutions, as opposed to stand-alone products or services, is so important

  • Move up the value chain and provide lasting value to customers, through price performance

  • Examine the principles of value based selling and avoid "competitive leapfrog"  

  •  Avoid traps that turn good sales people into order takers by allowing the buyer to take control

  • Increase your credibility with customers so that you are able to generate more business

  • Achieve higher margins and longer lasting customer relationships through value propositions by avoiding the "go faster" feature-based sales one can easily slip into
Title: Sales Account Planning - Course Duration: 28 mins 38 secs

This course describes how to plan sales campaigns and manage your sales accounts. We show you why sales that happen accidentally are very difficult to repeat and typically lower value. We consider why planning your sales campaigns, in a targeted and effective manner, enables you to manage the risks and reap the rewards of selling successfully. We’ll also highlight why keeping close to customers ensures that your sales pipeline remains healthy on an on-going basis. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Ensure that Thinking, Planning and Managing all contribute to your Account Strategies

  • Understand why planning accounts and sales campaigns maximises your effectiveness

  • Plan strategies and conduct reviews to determine likely outcomes before they happen 

  • Use structured sales processes to ensure that you understand the details of each sale

  • Examine why well kept account plans are often the difference between success and failure

  • Increase your chances of winning more deals by gaining valuable contributions from the right people, at the right time
Title: Using the Sales Cycle - Course Duration: 30 mins 27 secs

This course highlights the secrets of managing sales so that you increase your chances of being successful. If you are baking a cake, and have never made one before, you will almost certainly look for a recipe to follow; this course provides you the recipe for winning sales over and over again. We show you why you cannot afford not to follow a recipe, especially given that there are no guarantees in Selling. We also explain how doing the right things well, increases your chances of success. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Maximise the value of your time by using powerful qualification techniques successfully

  • Learn how your probability of success increases when you follow a sales cycle

  • Follow a recipe that is proven to work by going down a well trodden path when managing sales

  • Examine a generic sales cycle which can be used for selling your solutions 

  • Understand how a sales cycle helps you to qualify sales so that you eliminate surprises 

  • Know the importance of sharing your latest thinking and position in each sale with your team, colleagues and managers
Title: Matching the Buying Cycle - Course Duration: 29 mins 47 secs

This course builds on the lessons learnt in the “Using the Sales Cycle” course and highlights the fact that your buyers will almost certainly also be following a structured process as part of their buying cycle. Not only do you need to understand the process they are following, but also how to map your products and services into their evaluations and decision-making processes. You need to be on top of both cycles in order to match them, particularly given that buyer priorities often change along the way. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Understand how to recognise key buyer behaviours and what these tell you

  • Examine techniques for selling successfully to people who are following a buying cycle

  • Understand the processes and the actual cycle that buyers follow when purchasing

  • Fully comprehend  how to synchronise the Sales and Buying cycles

  • Appreciate how to predict next actions that buyers will take, and using that to your advantage 

  • Analyse buyer behaviour and highlight how you have helped buyers to maximise value