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Managerial Sales Skills

Managerial Sales Skills help us to carry out activities behind the scenes so that we keep winning new customers. They are used by everybody who is successful in selling and are very different from other Management Skills.

They are important because they help us to comprehend customers, competitors and businesses. Additionally the ability to understand customers' business strategies, position our own value, market to others in the right way and make effective presentations all have a huge bearing on how successful we are at meeting our sales targets. Knowing what is important to customers, how to deliver what they want and keep them happy over the length of a business relationship are all part of the fundamentals of good selling and everyone has to learn these skills to succeed.

Just think how disappointed we are when someone with a good product or service gives an awful presentation. It is easy to see that if learning these skills is left to chance, it is usually followed by a heavy price being paid. A brief description of each course covering these skills is shown below:

Title: Understanding Business Strategies - Course Duration: 32 mins 15 secs

This course helps you demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in assisting your prospects and customers in achieving their business goals. By showing that you understand customer business strategies, you are able to further influence how your products and services become an integral part of your customers’ business processes and operations. We show you why the real trick in gaining customer confidence is demonstrating how your products and services help them meet their customers’ needs. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Work closely with customers to gain respect, trust and confidence to keep winning business

  • Examine generic corporate needs, strategic direction and competitive advantage

  • Learn how to demonstrate a commitment to your customers’ growth and ability to meet targets

  • Make customers see you are truly a business partner and understand their business strategies

  • Know what’s important to customers so that you build and maintain successful relationships

  • Understand how to judge whether you would buy from yourself by placing yourself in your customers’ shoes
Title: Using Value Propositions Effectively - Course Duration: 27 mins 39 secs

This course highlights that the focal point of your customer’s interest is seeing how real value can be delivered to their business, as a result of your products and services being implemented. We show you how to position your sale using a “value proposition” to easily convince customers that your solution is right for them. We also look at moving from commodity items to delivering lasting value, by examining how the Product Adoption Life-cycle works. See Sample Slide

Completing this course enables you to:

  • Learn how and why "positioning value" unlocks more doors than any other form of Selling

  • Use value propositions to differentiate yourself and map your solutions to customer needs

  • “Create demand” for the value your solutions provide in fulfilling your customers' needs

  • Understand why the price argument becomes secondary when you use value propositions

  • Convince customers your solution is much better at meeting their needs than your competitor's

  • Appreciate that not creating demand for your specific solution means you are merely "order taking" which moves you to a commodity market where you can easily be replaced
Title: Marketing your Products and Services - Course Duration: 28 mins 23 secs

This course helps you understand the principles and strategies behind Marketing your products and services successfully. We will show you how to go about finding your market, how to write your messages and other important activities for attracting the right customers. We also cover why your Marketing activities should create demand for customers who then buy your products and services. Given that very few offerings are now unique, we will show you how important it is to get your brand right. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Make sure your prospects and customers know about you and what you are able to do for them

  • Integrate the four "P's" of Marketing (shown in the picture) into your messages to customers

  • Learn to write compelling Marketing messages and use an effective mix of channels

  • Profile your “typical buyers” and develop the right Marketing messages to attract just them

  • Understand how to convey "the right message, to the right person at the right time" effectively

  • Build compelling propositions that describe your product or service as better than any other
Title: Delivering Effective Presentations - Course Duration: 27 mins 10 secs

This course assists you in understanding how to make professional and compelling business presentations so that, the work you have done in developing your product or service, can be capitalised upon when you position them to prospects and customers. We also examine some of the fears people commonly hold in addressing a group of strangers and provide tips and tricks on how to make your business presentations effective, memorable and fruitful. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Deliver presentations that inform, invigorate and inspire to ensure your audiences don’t drift off

  • Learn how to influence a lot of people at the same time through a great presentation

  • Examine the major techniques of presentations that enable you to make sales more effectively

  • Learn do's and don'ts for making presentations that inform, educate and entertain audiences

  • Master the 5 key components of a presentation: Objective, Speaker, Room, Audience, Message

  • Understand how to ensure that your audiences remember what you said and more importantly act on it after listening to your presentation
Title: Building Business Relationship - Course Duration: 28 mins 12 secs

This course provides valuable guidance for building lasting business relationships with your customers. Given that we all know “people buy from people”, we help you appreciate that actually most people only buy from people they really like. In Sales you can't afford to leave that to chance; we’ll teach you a number of tips and tricks on how to listen, influence and get the best out of interactions with customers. We also help you understand that you are integral to the solution your customers buy from you. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Understand customers only buy from people they like and relationships are the key to that

  • Examine the behaviours and traits that make customers like you easliy and quickly

  • Learn that Selling is a "problem solving" profession and that you are part of the solution

  • Understand the differences between relationships that support strategic and tactical selling

  • Excell at building relationships internally to get the best out of the team around you

  • Comprehend how building relationships internally and externally helps you meet sales targets more than any other single skill