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Behavioural Sales Skills

Behavioural Sales Skills are something none of us is born with. Therefore from our earliest days we begin the process of learning and mastering these skills to make our journey through life, a little easier. We quickly learn the value of these skills. However as we progress through life, we put a different importance on each of the skills. Life can sometimes be unforgiving to people who leave learning these skills to chance.

In fact, failing to understand the contribution these skills make in helping you to succeed in selling is a real danger. Nonetheless it is a trap that many sales people fall into. For instance most of us listen passively in our day to day activities but in sales situations this is inadequate and a different set of active listening skills are needed. Similarly, negotiating for "enough" is something we do in everyday life but the same approach in Sales can end up with us "leaving money on the table" often without even realising it.

Our Behavioural skill courses cover the essential areas for being successful in Sales. Each one has its specific application but all carry equal weight. A brief description of each course covering these skills is shown below:

Title: Planning and Time Management - Course Duration: 34 mins 12 secs

This course explains that the main purpose behind planning and managing your time in a sales role (or when selling in a different role) is to ensure you use your time wisely and maximise your revenue generating activities. The course shows you how to recognise and avoid activities that may appear important, so that you can easily differentiate where to spend your precious time. We also provide tips that professional project managers use; to help you manage multiple sales at one time. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Understand Time is your most important resource in Sales, ensuring you don't pay a price later

  • Avoid the "activity trap", just because you are busy doesn't mean you'll be successful in Sales

  • Appreciate that time you spend with people, who do not buy from you, is merely time wasted

  • Learn to structure your tasks and activities, to help you plan better and meet bigger goals

  • Understand techniques professional Project Managers use to manage concurrent activities

  • Plan meetings in detail and understand how to run agendas so that you never run out of time before you have all the information that you need from the meeting
Title: Influencing Skills - Course Duration: 30 mins 15 secs

This course considers why having the ability to influence people and events is a magical power that sales people can use to significantly increase their revenues. We'll show you how you can make something happen without any direct or apparent effort being evident visibly. Your ability to influence people helps you to handle awkward situations with prospects and customers. We will help you appreciate that the ultimate measure of Influencing in Sales, is inspiring people to part with their money. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Learn to see the shadow that you create, that others can see, but you often can’t see

  • Understand how people think and feel as a result of your presence and actions

  • Know how to gain peoples buy-in to you, your message and your products and services

  • Comprehend that Influencing is a fundamental life skill and being excellent makes selling easier

  • Learn other essential people skills needed for influencing people in sales situations

  • Understand that people are all different, quite often not equal, and you need to have well developed skills in objectivity and diplomacy in order to do your job well in Sales
Title: Negotiating Skills - Course Duration: 37 mins 42 secs

This course looks at the seemingly complex subject of Negotiating. We show you how to structure a “win-win” scenario in your sales situations. You need to appreciate that before you enter into a deal you need to know what you must get, should get and could get from it. You also need to know at which point you must walk away from a deal and why it doesn’t work for you. Badly negotiated deals linger like bad smells and must be avoided, however well negotiated deals provide you platforms for growth. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Understand that we learn negotiating pays dividends from our earliest days when we probably said something like, "Mummy if I drink my milk, can I stay up late tonight?"

  • Learn why negotiation takes place in our lives without us even realising it is happening

  • Sharing your objectives with customers to gain their buy-in is often the quickest way to a Close

  • Overcome objections, avoid rejection and negotiate deals that work for you and your customer

  • Make buyers feel they are getting value for money and that price is a secondary consideration

  • Appreciate why, when we couple making money with negotiating, our normal levels of confidence in our own ability can give way to doubt and apprehension
Title: Listening Skills - Course Duration: 33 mins 00 secs

This course considers how to harness your everyday listening skills so that you are able to carry out effective listening, as required by sales people. We'll show you what happens when you are put under pressure and also provide tips and tricks on coping with stressful situations (such as negotiations) so that you don't miss anything and your customers feel that you are paying total attention to them. We also consider tonality and how to avoid traps such as “reading between the lines”. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Learn how to structure the six main types of questions and listen out for key responses

  • Appreciate that listening is more structured than hearing and the difference pays dividends

  • Learn techniques used for encouraging customers to keep telling you information of value

  • Understand why your "talk speed" affects how well you understand what is being said to you

  • Learn how to manage your emotional state and what stress does to your ability to listen actively

  • Know how to read customer body language, when they are speaking to you, and how this helps you to verify the accuracy of the information you are being provided
Title: Motivational Skills - Course Duration: 34 mins 58 secs

This course looks at the overall subject of using motivation in a sales environment. We will show you tips and tricks from leading psychologists on how to motivate your customers so that they do more of what you want them to. We also show you that in Sales, not being motivated yourself is the same as being De-motivated; something we don't often see in ourselves however our customers do. The key to motivation is focus, this course provides the insight on how to become and stay motivated. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Enthuse motivation into customers to make them do more of what you want them to do

  • Appreciate why your ability in motivating customers determines your ultimate success in Sales

  • Understand how motivation can possess you to do things other people may find insane

  • Know how to motivate yourself and rise up to meet the challenges you set yourself

  • Motivate customers into parting with their money and giving you purchase orders

  • Understand why the right motivation can even make people endure extreme pain, such as climbing mountains, ending up with little more than a photograph (as in the picture)
Title: Using Body Language in Selling - Course Duration: 32 mins 54 secs

This course helps you understand and use body language in sales situations. We consider how and why to use body language as well as pointing out the traps such as, people catching you trying to read their body language. We help you appreciate why what you say or do is over-ruled by your Body Language. We also provide tips and tricks on how to fight the body language you encounter so that you can turn negative sales situations into positive encounters. Using body language well in Sales is critical. See Sample Slide

The course enables you to:

  • Recognise the gestures and postures customers adopt in everyday Sales situations

  • Understand why self-awareness and observation are major components of body language

  • Learn how to interpret different levels of body language and behaviour and what they mean

  • Know how to avoid customers finding out that you are trying to read their body language

  • Appreciate that your body language speaks to your customers long before your voice

  • Understand the different parts of the body used consciously, when you are aware of body language, and parts of the body used sub-consciously when you may not be aware 

Please note: this course is only available to purchasers of the complete set of all 21 courses or customers with Corporate Accounts. It is a bonus for buying access to the entire library and not available on its own.